If you plan to sell your real estate property along with the business related to this property, we will help you attract buyers and investors. We specialize in working with Real Estate Based Businesses (REBB), such as small hotels and resorts, hobby farms, wineries, and recreational properties. With our presentations and promotion, we will make your property stand out.


We develop and conduct highly efficient advertising campaigns, which includes:

▶   defining your target audience and the ways to reach it;
▶   selecting suitable outlets for conducting advertising campaigns, which would be the most effective and budget saving at the same time.
▶   preparing advertising materials by applying an innovative approach and modern technologies.

We take into account the needs and preferences of our clients, and coordinate the level of our involvement in conducting the promotion campaigns.


We specialize primarily in production of video and graphic presentations as the most effective tools of advertising.

The video clips and graphic presentations that we produce, can be of any type and level of complexity, depending on your goals and preferences, as well as on the choice of distribution channels.

We can create videos, photos and infographics for you either as a one-time job for a particular advertising campaign, or on an ongoing basis, such as maintaining vlogs or doing regular promotions.


We collaborate with various online channels for distribution of advertising materials that we develop for our clients. Our services also include design a website for the business you want to sell, and actively promote it through the use of social networks and specialized online platforms.

We've developed a unique proprietary technology for the producing online presentations that combines slide shows, podcasts and texts into a single media.

We work closely with ethnic media both in Canada and abroad, which helps us successfully attract buyers and investors from around the world.


We specialize in serving the owners of real estate properties and real estate based businesses (REBB) such as resorts, small hotels, hobby farms, wineries and recreational facilities. Another group of clients that we work with are startups. Our task is help our clients attract investors and buyers, and create a brand recognition. We specialize primarily in production of video and graphic presentations, establishing online presence and creating a unique content.


Our company has been operating in the advertising and online presentations market since 1995. We were one of the first companies in Toronto who started to offer website design and online applications development. From the start we've been specializing in working with builders and owners of various types of real estate. Through all those years we have accumulated an extensive experience and have gained a good understanding of how to present real estate properties to potential buyers and investors in the most efficient way.


Our services include creating advertising and marketing materials, establishing an online presence, and conducting active advertising campaigns for the owners of real estate and the small businesses based on their properties. The ultimate goal is help our clients sell their real estate or find investors, as well as help expand the business and increase the profit to clients operating in the hospitality industry.

The range of services is decided by the clients, and you also determine the level of our involvement at each stage. We provide a preliminary assessment of the required work completely free of charge and with no obligations.

The minimal set of service starts from $ 3,000 CAD


At the initial stage we determine the owner's goals. We provide suggestions on how they can be achieved, and what work and to what extent should be done.


At the second stage we design and produce advertising and presentation materials in accordance with the developed marketing strategy, and select distribution channels.


The last stage includes conducting advertising campaigns, establishing the online presence, and organizing communication with potential buyers and investors.





Dest Media is a division of Dest Group Ltd. We specialize in photo and video production, online presentations, online publishing and marketing.

The company Dest Goup Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Toronto (Canada) as a business services provider with focus on online advertising and marketing. It was one of the first companies in Canada that started to offer the Internet related services to Canadian companies for establishing their presence on the Internet.

Later Dest Group Ltd. expanded its activities to assisting with business development and preparing investment projects, specializing in startups and real estate related businesses. At the same time, Dest Media continues to remain as an integral and important part of the company.


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